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Address Change Form

  1. Please be aware the real estate bills, by Law, must be mailed to the owner of record as of January 1st.

  2. List the address you want the bill mailed to.

  3. Signature Form*

    I certify under penalty of perjury that this is a true and accurate statement.

  4. Name Changes

  5. Changes must be accompanied with Death Certificate, Deed, Court Order, Probate Record, and/or Marriage License.

  6. Please return this information to the Assessor's Office. Once the Assessor has completed his review and makes the requested changes, his office will provide copies of your request to:
    - Collector's Office
    - Department of Public Works
    - Town Clerk's Office

  7. Note

    Address changes with regard to excise must be made at the registry of motor vehicles.

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