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Town Staff

Main Phone Number 1-413-786-0400

Department Title Extension Contact

Mayor's Office     Email
Richard A. Cohen Mayor 8200  
Rebecca Budreau Executive Assistant 8729  
Nadine Porfilio Administrative Assistant 8730  
Jennifer Bonfiglio
Procurement Officer
 8742  Email

Law Department
Patrick Toney Solicitor 8727  
Stephen Buoniconti Associate Solicitor 8728  

Auditor's Office     Email
Cheryl St. John Auditor 8707  
Mackenzie Gamache Administrative Assistant 8705  
Melissa Brooks
Senior Clerk

Assessor's Office     Email
Kevin Baldini Assessor 8704  
Donna Ruccio Principal Clerk 8700  
Charolette Grondin Administrative Asst. 8701  


Building Maintenance     Email
Doug White
Director 821-0506  
Bill Metcalf Deputy 821-0506  
Amy Keeney Administrative Assistant 821-0507  
Michelle Day Senior Clerk 821-0507  

Clerk's Office     Email
Vincent Gioscia Town Clerk 8744  
Margaret McCarthy Assistant Clerk 8745  
Barbra Dobek Principal Clerk 8747  

Council on Aging     Email
Joan Linnehan Director 821-0604  
Kristina Lynch Deputy Director 821-0604
Lori Arsenault
Outreach Coordinator 821-0605  
Lynn Kaczman Principal Clerk 821-0604  

Collector's Office     Email
Sue Ellsworth Principal Clerk 8711  
Amy Boyd Senior Clerk 8708  
Carolyn LaChappelle Principal Clerk 8715
AnnMarie Hartmann Assistant Collector 8710  
Laurel Placzek Treasurer/Collector 8712  

Council Office     Email
Barbara Bard Council Clerk 8716  

Department of Public Works     Email
Christopher Golba Superintendent 821-0623  
John Decker Dep. Supt./Water Dept 821-0627  
Elisa Dagenais          Principal Clerk 821-0622
Hope Goff Head Clerk 821-0621  
Gina Carestia Principal Clerk ext. 8811   
Tracy DeMaio Solid Waste and Stormwater Coordinator 821-0624 Email

Michelle Chase Town Engineer 821-0625  
Mike Albro Assistant Town Engineer 821-0628  
Vladimir Caceres Civil Engineer I 821-0628  

Civil Engineer I 821-0628

Civil Engineer I 821-0628

Engineering Technician 821-0628  

Fire Department     Email
Alan Sirois Fire Chief 821-0612  
B.J. Calvi Deputy Fire Chief 821-0612  
Jake Dushane Fire Inspector 821-0612  
Pauline Berthiaume Principal Clerk 821-0612  
Front Desk   821-0612  

Inspection Services     Email
Erik Wight Inspector 821-0632  
Pamela Cross Administrative Assistant 821-0633  
  Principle Clerk 821-0632  
Michael Day Plumbing Inspector 821-0632  
Michael Theroux Code Enforcement 821-0632  
Gary Turnbull Electrical Inspector  821-0632   

Health Department     Email
Randall White Director 8721  
Beth Ceccarini Principal Clerk 8720  
Sherry Petrucci Nurse 8722  

IT Department
Jeffrey Hulbert IT Director 8724  
Peter Kochanek Systems Administrator 8725  
Alex Marek
P/T Help Desk Tech

Judy Clini Library Director 821-0610  Email
Jeanne Goodsell Administrative Assistant 821-0610  

Mailroom / Operator      
Laurene Bertera Mailroom Operator  0  

Parks and Recreation     Email
Christopher Sparks Director 821-0514  
Melissa Blackak Administrative Assistant 821-0513  

Personnel     Email
Coleen Gruska Personnel Director 8734  
Kathy Chase    Personnel Assistant 8733  
Jan Sapelli Personnel Assistant 8732  

Planning and Conservation     Email
Marc Strange Director 8738  
Pamela Kerr Administrative Assistant 8737  
Amanda Boissonneault
ZBA 8739  

Police Department     Email
Eric Gillis Police Chief 821-0609  
Patricia Brennan Administrative Assistant 821-0609  
Dispatch Desk   821-0607  
Records Veronica Hamann 821-0606  
Animal Control Allison Strong 726-9754  

Treasurer's Office     Email
Diane Lovechio Principal Clerk 8713  
Karen Drane Principal Clerk 8714  
Laurel Placzek Treasurer/Collector 8712  
AnnMarie Hartmann Assistant Collector 8710  

Veteran's Office     Email
Richard Girard Director 8782  
Betty Manchino Deputy Director 8781  
Agawam Municipal Golf Course     Email
Anthony Roberto Manager  786-2194  
Dan Shay Superintendent  786-4282