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Agawam Sex Offender Registry

Level 1 Sex Offenders

Records and information pertaining to level 1 sex offenders (those considered to be a low risk by the State Sex Offender Registry Board) are kept by the department and are not available to the public.

Level 2 Sex Offenders

The public can come to the Agawam Police Department & request information on level 2 sex offenders (those considered a moderate risk by the State Sex Offender Registry Board) by filling out the Request For Sex Offender Information form.

Level 3 Sex Offenders

Information pertaining to level 3 sex offenders (those considered by the State Sex Offender Registry Board to be the most dangerous of the three levels with a high likelihood of committing another crime) is allowed to be actively disseminated to the public and will also be available upon request with level 2 offenders.