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Agawam Energy Commission (AEC)

The Town of Agawam’s Energy Commission is tasked to identify, develop, implement, and manage programs and policies that achieve high levels of energy efficiencies and resource sustainability.


  • Deborah Dachos (Director, Planning & Community Development)
  • Jill Messick (Co-ChairPerson)
  • Joel Cummings (Chair)
  • Jay Berger
  • Howard Safford
  • Bob Rossi (Town Council)
  • Cecelia Calabrese (Town Council)
  • James Cichetti (Town Council)
  • Nick Urbinati (Inspection Services - Retired)
  • Chris Golba (DPW Superintendant)
  • Roger Kupec (Director - Building Maintenance)
  • Pam Kerr (Administration Services - Planning)

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