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The Engineering Division provides civil engineering services, advice and technical reviews to Town Departments, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Board of Appeals, other boards.

Current Projects

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MassDOT Bicycle Transportation Plan  - MassDOT has created an online wikimap similar to what we did here in Agawam for our Complete Streets Prioritization Plan.  If you want to comment on places that are nice to bike or you would like to see improvements, go to this website, mark up the map and make your comments!  


Agawam's Baystate Bike Week Event  - Postponed until May 16th due to weather!!!   Agawam's 3rd Annual Baystate Bike Week Event will be on May 16th at 1:45pm at the Agawam High School.  For more info on this event and other events in the area click on the image below:


2017 Street Paving and Maintenance Schedule

The Agawam DPW will be performing pavement preservation work on the following streets throughout the months of March and June:

  • Fog Sealing Only              
    • Carr Avenue
    • Colemore Street
    • Nile Avenue
    • North Street Extension
    • North West Street (North St. Ext. to North Westfield St.)
  • Crack Sealing Only              
      • Barry Street (Pine Street to CT State Line)
      • Cooper Street
      • Katherine Drive
      • Rowley Street
      • Wagon Wheel Drive (From House #75 north to Anvil Street)
    • Fog Sealing & Crack Sealing
      • Elm Street
      • Leonard Street
      • North Street
      • Pheasant Run Court
      • Red Fox Drive
      • Silver Street (Almgren Dr. to Elm St.)
      • South Westfield Street (From House #703 to CT State Line)
      • White Fox Road (South West St. to Partridge Ln.)
    • Microsurface
      • Bowles Road
      • General Abrams Drive (Almgren Dr. to Bowles Rd.)

    The Agawam DPW will be performing reclamation work on the following streets in the summer of 2017.  A definitive construction date has not yet been set:

    • Reed Street
    • Virginia Street
    • Potomac Place
    • Washington Avenue (Suffield St. to Reed St.)
    • Rugby Road
    • Barry Street (Pine St. to South Westfield St.)

    Residents are asked not to park their cars on the street during these times and avoid the area if possible.  The construction may cause traffic delays or detours so residents are encouraged to plan accordingly.  

    Please be aware that the construction schedule dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather or necessary emergency work.  The order of construction work, as well as the addition or removal of streets from the above list, is at the discretion of the Agawam DPW.

    Additional information will be posted on this website as it becomes available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate  to contact Michael F. Albro, P.E., the Assistant Town Engineer or Michelle C. Chase, P.E., the Town Engineer using the contact form to the right on this page.


    April 10th Walnut Street Extension Community Relations Public Meeting Presentation can be downloaded here. Please do not hesitate to contact Engineering if you have any questions.  The City Council is scheduled to vote for or against this project on April 18th. 


    WALNUT STREET EXTENSION PUBLIC WORKSHOP PRESENTATION - Download a pdf of Engineering's presentation here.



    NEW WORKSHOP LOCATION! - The City Council will be meeting to discuss the Walnut Street Extension Streetscape Project in a workshop which is scheduled for Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 at 6:30pm - Agawam Library. 

     Any last minute changes to venue or time will be announced as soon as possible on here and the twitter account (see link above).

    The vote to authorize the funding for this project is scheduled for the City Council Meeting on Monday, April 3rd, 2017 at 7:00pm at the Agawam Middle School.



    The Agawam Engineering Division has prepared a Funding Authorization Analysis Report for the City Council and general public to review. The City Council will be meeting to discuss this project in a workshop which is scheduled for Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 at 6:30pm - Agawam Library. Details to be determined and will be announced as soon as possible on here and the twitter account (see link above).

    The vote to authorize the funding for this project is scheduled for the City Council Meeting on Monday, April 3rd, 2017 at 7:00pm at the Agawam Middle School.

    A digital copy of the report can be downloaded here.  (Higher resolution copies of figures, plans, or renderings are available upon request.)



    PUBLIC MEETING - Monday, March 13th 2017 -  6:00pm at the Agawam Senior Center - Dining Room - 954 Main Street, Agawam, MA 

     Informal open public discussion to start at 5:30pm.  A group of residents met with the Agawam DPW and Howard Stein Hudson Engineers and Planners (HSH) back in November to compile a list of complete street improvement requests.  This includes sidewalks, bike lanes, traffic calming, crosswalks, pedestrian signals, bus stop improvements, etc. Also data was gathered from the wikimap below.  HSH and the Agawam DPW have reviewed the project list and will presenting the results of our Prioritization Plan at this meeting.  One of the top projects could receive up to $400,000 in funding from MassDOT for construction starting as soon as July 1st of 2017.  The advertisement for this meeting can be downloaded here.

    Obrien's Corner Complete Streets Draft Concept Plan (subject to change):




    Make suggestions for improvements for bicycle, pedestrian and transit related accomadations throughout town online!  Click here for the AGAWAM COMPLETE STREETS WIKI MAP.


    Agawam Complete Streets Program

     The Town of Agawam is working with MassDOT to implement a Complete Streets program.  In February 2016, the Agawam City Council adopted a Complete Streets Administrative Policy which was cosponsored by Mayor Richard A. Cohen and Council President James P. Cichetti.  Complete Streets are designed and operated to provide safety and accessibility for all users including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and motorists.  The Town's policy was approved my MassDOT which qualifies the Town for up to $50,000 to create a Prioritization Plan.  The Town has recently received approval to create this Prioritization Plan with the help of the consulting firm of Howard Stein Hudson. 

    A Complete Streets Committee will be working with a Howard Stein Hudson to create this plan.  Once approved by MassDOT, this plan will be used in conjunction with up to $400,000 of state funds for construction.  Types of projects include but are not limited to:  bicycle lanes, sidewalks, signalized pedestrian crossings, rapid flash beacons, traffic calming measures, signage, etc. Stay tuned for more information as this program develops.

    In the meantime, the Agawam DPW and Engineering Department is finishing up the installation of several more miles of bike lanes on Suffield Street and Shoemaker Lane. Also, a shared use path was recently constructed along the frontage of the High School and will connect to the front of the building to provide a safe access route for students who walk and bike to school. 

    If you would like additional information or would like to provide input on possible projects, please do not hesitate to contact Michelle C. Chase, P.E., the Town Engineer using the contact form to the right on this page.

    Agawam's Complete Street Policy

    Support Letter from Agawam DPW/Engineering

    MassDOT Complete Streets Program

    Smart Growth America

    National Association of City Transportation Officials

    League of American Bicyclists - The 5 E's


    ADA Curb Ramps


    MassDOT Project No. 605384 - Morgan Sullivan Bridge and Intersection

    A public hearing for the Morgan Sullivan bridge project will took place on August 31st, 2016 at 6:00pm at the Agawam Senior Center located at 954 Main Street.  This project will reconstruct the bridge and the 3 adjacent traffic signals (Springfield/Walnut, Suffield/Main and River/Memorial) and their approaches.  Significant improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians are also being proposed including a separated bicycle lane.  .

    Additional information including instructions on how to submit comments via email can be found on MassDOT's Notice which can be downloaded here.

              Walnut Street Extension Project

    The Agawam DPW is working with the Planning Department, Tighe & Bond and A.T. Leonard & Associates to redevelop Walnut Street Extension.  The most recent preliminary plan can be found here. Sample street cross sections are here and here.


    Other Services Available

    • Record research of utilities and layout of street right of way. Copies of records can be made for fees listed below.
    • Construction Details:  Please contact the Agawam Engineering Division to have a copy of the latest Engineering Standard Details sent to you.
    • Copies of Assessor’s Maps and topography derived from 1983 flyover data.  More up to date data is available in Assessor’s Office and using the Agawam's online GIS website.
    • Construction Standards are available to contractors and developers for any work which will be done in the street right of way.  
    • Property Pins – Front property pin locations can be found, if present. 
    • Reviews of subdivisions, site plans, and Conservation Commission filings for consideration by the Planning Board, Conservation Commission, and the Board of Appeals.

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