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5/21/2006 - Medieval German Festival
Held at:
Springfield Turnverein, Inc.
176 Garden Street
Feeding Hills, MA 01030
Sunday May 21, 2006
For more information click here or call (413) 786-0924
What is this Festival?

This is an event for the whole family to see sword fighters, dancers, singers, fire dancers and so much more! This event to raise awareness about the Turverein and all the great work they do. This festival is done out of love-to give the very talented Phoenix Swords (with all the members from all across the country) a chance to show all that they can do in one place. It is also an opportunity to get some of our friends together to show off their talent. We will be joined by at least three European martial arts groups, several independent acts who are well-known here in New England and New York and we are currently enticing two groups from the Midwest who have never performed on the East Coast before. If we cannot afford your act this year, we hope to next year. This event will bring swordplay, dance and fire acts that have not been seen anywhere else, ever.

Why is this different?

There is a lot of study and history behind this festival. The martial arts are straight from the 1500s to you. This is absolutely in the flavor of a medieval country festival and many participants are teachers, linguists and interpreters. We do our best to give a well-balanced view of history even though we will be bowing to modern needs such as bathrooms and serving foods that kids will enjoy! Almost all the participants are personal friends of Phoenix Swords and it is less a festival than a gathering of friends getting together to share their joy of performance with YOU.