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6/23/2009 - The Titanic – A Voyage into History @ the Agawam Public Library 6:30pm

The Agawam Public Library will be starting off the “Adult Summer Reading Program 2009” with a special program “The Titanic – A Voyage into History”.  This will be presented by Denise Vanaria, Titanic historian.


Denise will talk about the Titanic, her times and her most precious cargo, the passengers.

She will be dressed in authentic Edwardian period clothing. Ms. Vanaria is related to one of the ship’s third class passengers, and appeared in the National Geographic movie, “Titanic Revealed”


Time and date for this special program is Tuesday, June 23rd at 6:30 in the Community Room.  Please call 789-1550, ext. 109 or visit the Agawam Public Library to register.


There is a special display in the Johnson Memorial Case and double glass cases in the gallery area of the library, which will be on exhibit from June 6 – 23, 2009.


This program is sponsored by the Agawam Center Library Association.



Contact person:  Beverly Secondo 789-1550 ext. 102