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8/3/2009 - Agawam Public Library presents Jolene Mercadante author of “Angel on My Shoulder My Life with an Amercian Pit Bull Terrier" 7pm in the Community Room

    AUGUST 2009


    The Agawam Public Library is pleased to present Agawam librarian, Jolene Mercadante

    as part of the Adult Summer Reading Program “READ, RELAX, REVIEW 2009!”

    She will read from and discuss her book, The Angel on My Shoulder: My Life with an American Pit Bull Terrier”.


    Did you know that the American Pit Bull Terrier rates even higher than the Golden Retriever in the American Temperament Test?  Did you know that pit bulls were bred to be extremely human-friendly and were even nicknamed “the Nursemaids” because of their love for and protection of children? Did you know that pit bulls are Search and Rescue dogs, bomb and drug-sniffing dogs, U.S. Customs dogs –even in cities where they are banned due to Breed Specific Legislation which labels them as “dangerous dogs”?  Did you know that if Breed Specific Legislation is passed in your town or city, officials can take away your pet and euthanize them even if they did nothing wrong –just because of their breed?  Did you know that if you have a German Shepherd, Chow Chow, Rottweiler-you, too, may fall under the Breed Specific Legislation?


    These are some of the facts about pit bulls about which most people don’t hear. Pit Bulls have long been the target of sensationalized and unfair bias.  We rarely hear the good stories, the stories that show their sweetness, their love, their total devotion, and their ability to change lives for their goodness that emanates to all around them.


    Jolene hopes to change public opinion by sharing positive stories about Pit Bulls.  She was blessed to have had Rumer in her life for twelve wonderful years and her book reveals that love story.  She was raised in Agawam and wanted to be Lassie when she grew up.  Instead, she spends her time at the library and tending to her “children”, Aderyn and Mei Mei (pit bulls), Cessa (her Andalusia/Arabian horse) Native (her quarter horse) and Lily (her lovable cat).


    This program will be held in the Community Room, Monday, August 3rd at 7 p.m.  Please

    call the library at 789-1550 ext 109 to register or visit the library to register.


    Contact: Beverly Secondo 789-1550 ext. 102/Wendy McAnanama ext. 116