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10/5/2009 - BookTalk with Jeannie Miller-Poland - Author of Prince Gary 7pm at the Agawam Piblic Library

Prince Gary is the true story of a man, Gary Poland, dying from cancer.  It chronicles his every day struggles from before he was diagnosed, until 6 months after his death.  Written by Gary’s wife Jeannie, it shows the world what happens to a family that has been struck by cancer.  Most importantly it is a story about love!


“Love Longer, Hug Harder,

Touch Softer, Talk Sweeter,

And Forgive Faster.”

~Gary and Jeannie Poland’s message


Jeannie will read from and discuss her book, which will be available for purchase and signing.  Please call the Agawam Library at 789-1550, to register for this event.



Wendy McAnanama