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7/1/2010 - Agawam Library Art Exhibits for the month of July


JULY 2010




The Agawam Public Library will host an exhibit of union posters on the subject of Health and Safety from July 1 through July 30. The posters present creative communication on the dangers that workers face on the job and how they can minimize the dangers.



We are reminded of some of these dangers by recent newspaper stories about the workers who died in a mine explosion in West Virginia, and the oil rig workers who lost their lives in the rig explosion in the gulf, as but two examples.



The posters are from union activist Stephen Lewis, Treasurer of the Service employees International Union Local 509. They are part of his collection of 3300 union and political posters from around the world.



Viewing hours are Monday through Thursday: from 9 am until 9 pm, and Friday: 10 am until 6 pm. This exhibit will on the gallery walls, and lower level walls and the glass case.






Contact person: Beverly Secondo 789-1550 ext. 102