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2/1/2011 - Agawam Library Art Exhibit for the Month of February


Come to the Agawam Public Library to see the beautiful and delicate collection of antique valentine cards, and get well cards from the late 1930s and early 1940's.


This exhibit will be shown in the Johnson Memorial Case and the double glass cases on the main level for the month of February, 2011.



The collection of valentine cards was given to Mrs. Susan Hawkes’ mother in the late 1970's by an elderly neighbor.  She does not have an exact date as to when these cards were made, but she thinks they may be from 1940.  See the rich detail in the cards as well as the saturated color used in printing them.  There are even some that are three dimensional by using honeycombed tissue paper.  They are simply one of a kind.


The get well cards were preserved by her mother and handed down to her.  Some of the cards were sent to her grandmother in 1938 after recovering from a removal of her kidney from tuberculosis and others were sent to her aunt in 1943 as she was recovering from having her appendix removed.  (They both survived and lived well into their 80's).


Some of the cards are beautifully detailed and the use of color and shading make them look like frameable artwork.  The script and message inside are poetic and cheery and would brighten anyone's day.


These cards are precious to Mrs. Hawkes, being preserved by her family and passed down to her.  They are reminders of loving sentiments by friends and family to an ailing relative from so long ago. Come and enjoy the simple beauty of thoughtful cards from 70 years ago.  You will not be disappointed.




Contact person:  Beverly Secondo 789-1550 ext. 102