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4/1/2011 - Agawam Library Art Exhibits for the month of April

The Foreign Language Departments at Agawam High School and Agawam Junior High School are collaborating to present an art exhibit of student work at the Agawam Public Library during the month of April.  A variety of cultures and countries will be represented on the gallery walls in the library. 


Projects such as masks, replicas of famous Impressionist masters, computer generated  brochures, and original student artwork are just a few of the many items that will be on display.  Samples from French, Italian, and Spanish classes at both schools will be displayed. 



All are encouraged to take a few minutes to appreciate the talent and efforts of the foreign language students in Agawam.



The Agawam Public Library will feature “The Mosquito Fleet Art Exhibit” in the Johnson Memorial Case  

and in the double glass cases for the month of April. This exhibit consists of a wonderful blend of pencil sketches, done by Holt, Michigan resident, Robert Voorhees.  These sketches deal with the PT boats of World War Two.

Feeding Hills resident, Frank J. Andruss Sr, owns and operates The Mosquito Fleet Exhibit. It is dedicated to educating those who know little about the PT Boats, and has been set up in many venues across New England and Rhode Island. The exhibit features hundreds of rare artifacts, mostly donated by the veterans. Mr. Voorhees began sketching for Mr. Andruss several years ago, with well over 75 different lasting tributes now in the art exhibit. . The Mosquito Fleet Art Exhibit hopes to educate people and give them a better understanding of the PT Boats through the artist’s work.

Mr. Voorhees’ fascination with World War Two centers on two areas of interest. First, being his father’s involvement as personnel Radioman for General Douglas MacArthur, and second being his admiration of President Kennedy, who captained PT-109. Mr. Voorhees has been commissioned to draw a number of original collage creations in pencil for WWII survivors and their heirs, who want a lasting tribute to honor their veteran family member. Some of this work has been published in popular military magazines and is in high demand. He is married with three adult children and spends his spare time drawing, painting, and relaxing on his pontoon boat during Michigan’s warm summer months.




The Agawam Public Library will host an exhibit of Art by eighth grade students from the

Agawam Junior High School.  Two Units will be featured.  The first is “The Anatomy of a Landscape”.  Students observed the elements of design as they are featured in the landscape, and applied basic principles of design to create stunning landscapes in pastel.  The second is “Proof and Process”.  Relief printing offers students the unique opportunity to “proof” their work or self assess as they work through this process.  Art pieces featured are Triple Prints, multiple works printed on one paper and Collage, reflections and extension on the print theme. 


The students’ art work will be displayed on the lower level walls.  Viewing hours are during regular library hours. 


Contact person:  Beverly Secondo 789-1550 ext. 102