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5/1/2011 - Agawam Library Art Exhibits for the month of May

For the month of May, the Agawam Public Library will feature the artwork of local artist, Paul Duval.  The gallery wall exhibit will consist of landscapes, still life, and portraits in oils and watercolor. 



Mr. Duval wishes to share these thoughts with any young people that may view his art.  He states,” all through grammar and junior high school, I was complimented on my artwork, it became a way of getting attention and praise. When I began my first art class at Classical High School, I looked forward to increasing my skills and possibly looking at moving on to an art college.  To my mortification, I was given a D grade for the class.  That ended my confidence and desire to go any further in the field of art.  After attending WNEC for mechanical engineering, I went on to a career in engineering sales.”



After retirement, Paul began to rekindle his desire to make art.  He attended art classes at the Springfield Museum, where his self confidence began to grow again. One of his instructors told him that with each effort, his results would improve.  “Each new painting will be your best one.” His approach to learning technique is to frequent the many fine art museums in the area and to copy the great artists that impress him.  Mr. Duval has this message for young artists.  “Rejection is part of the risk you have to take if you show what you create.  Making something of beauty that will last after you have gone is a wonderful thing.”



Viewing hours are during regular library hours.



Contact person:  Beverly Secondo 789-1550 ext. 102