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9/1/2011 - Agawam Library Art Exhibits for the month of September

For the month of September, the Agawam Public Library is pleased to showcase the art of Irene Torres.  The artwork that will be on display was created on rescued, recycled and remnant tiles gifted to her by Tom Sullivan, a native landscaper and tile artisan of over 30 years. 


Her designs are abstract and are a combination of half faces with flowers and tree designs.  There is also a set of 4 tiles that depict the changing of the seasons.  All the artwork is on tiles ranging in size from approximately 6”x6” to 14”x14”. 


As a person with Narcolepsy, Irene often falls asleep with her brush in hand and the abstract nature of the artwork lends itself to being flexible to change.  Her designs are an expression of the color and movement she feels in herself and the people around her.  She uses the texture, size and weight of the tile to help guide the width of the brushstroke and length of each line.


Her tiles include porcelain, granite and ceramic. All of the tiles are painted with permanent enamel paint, taking approximately 7 hours to complete, and are meant for indoor display only.


Viewing hours are during regular library hours.  This exhibit that she is excited to share will be located in the glass case on the lower level.


Contact person:  Beverly Secondo 789-1550 ext. 102