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4/1/2012 - Bat house on display at the Agawam Public Library during the month of May

For the month of April, the Agawam Public Library is pleased to have on display a bat house on the lower level of the library. 


The bat house is one of many built by Troop 40049 of Southwick, Massachusetts. 

For the troop’s Silver Award project, the troop is building bat houses for a neighborhood in Southwick.  The neighborhood is having horrible mosquito issues, and they wanted to use bats to dispose of the majority of the mosquitoes. The bat houses will be placed up near the swampy areas in and near the neighborhood in the month of June.   


Contact Person:  Joanne Szelag, Adult Services Librarian

(413)-789-1550 x8851; jszelag@agawamlibrary.org