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6/16/2012 - Robinson State Park Day




    • 8.a.m. Bird Identification Walk
    • 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.: 
    • Nature weavings and coloring opportunities for elementary aged children.
    • Nature explorations in Robinson Pond and along the edges of the forest.
    • Kid’s table with redback salamanders.
    • Easy “big tree” hikes.
    • Learn about the park’s vernal pools.
    • $5.00 normal charge per car, to enter park.








TheWatershed on Wheels (WoW) Express is a traveling exhibit designed to engage children of all ages in the beauty and wonder of the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge, which comprises the 7.2 million-acre Connecticut River Watershed.


The WoW Express includes two, engaging components: a walk-through immersion exhibit featuring the diverse sights and sounds of the watershed; and eight, interactive kiosks exploring the cultural, economic and environmental significance of the Conte Refuge.


Walk-Through Exhibit

The walk-through exhibit is enclosed in a 28-foot trailer wrapped in a colorful mural depicting the wildlife of the Conte Refuge. The emersion trailer sim ulates a walk in the New England Forest and is designed to introduce children to the diversity of wildlife that may be found within the Refuge- and in their own back yards!


Interactive Kiosks

The WoW Express features seven portable, four-sided kiosks and one interactive watershed table. Each kiosk employs interactive panels, games or computer screens to creatively engage children in the topics of biodiversity, wetlands, bald eagles, migratory birds, endangered species, migratory fish, food webs, and invasive species. The interactive watershed table includes a model of the Connecticut River Watershed and uses push buttons and lights to inform on the many facets of the Conte Refuge.