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8/14/2012 - Agawam Library Presents Marvin Bubie for a talk on "Public Symbols --- Hidden Meanings" @ 7pm

            The Agawam Public Library is pleased to present Marvin Bubie for a talk on “Public Symbols --- Hidden Meanings,” on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.


            What is sigillography?  Broadly it is the study of seals.  Marvin Bubie has collected seals from various cities, towns, counties, boroughs, and villages in the United States and Europe.  His power point presentation will include a brief history of seals and how they evolved from a wax impression to the notary type impressions and letterheads used today.  He illustrates how seals are commonly used on street signs, podiums, welcome signs, websites, and municipal vehicles.


            Martin Bubie is the author of three books, the newest titled, Celebrating the Revolutionary War – Municipal Symbols of a Free Country.  The seal of the city of Boston and others from Maine to Georgia are included in this book.  For more information, visit www.mnobooks.com.   Please call (413)-789-1550 x4 or visit www.agawamlibrary.org to register.  This program is part of the 2012 Adult Summer Reading Program which is sponsored by the Agawam Center Library Association, the Agawam and Massachusetts Cultural Councils, the Boston Bruins, the Massachusetts Library System, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.


Contact:  Wendy McAnanama, (413)-789-1550 x8865, wmcananama@agawamlibrary.org or

                 Joanne Szelag, (413)-789-1550 x8851, jszelag@agawamlibrary.org.