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4/1/2014 - Open Space and Recreation Public Information Session at the Agawam Senior Center

Public input sought on open space and recreation.

Agawam residents are invited to discuss their views on the Town’s parks, playgrounds, and open spaces at a public information session to be held on April 1, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the Agawam Senior Center.  The Town is in the process of updating its Open Space and Recreation Plan.  An Open Space and Recreation Plan outlines a strategy for maintaining and enhancing a community’s resources for current residents and generations to come.  A Massachusetts community with an approved Open Space and Recreation Plan is eligible to apply for a number of open space and recreation grant programs.  The Plan ordinarily must be updated every five years.


In the Fall, Agawam’s Open Space and Recreation Advisory Committee prepared and distributed a survey to Agawam residents.  Eighty-five percent of the respondents indicated that the Town should promote and enhance existing recreational facilities and open space, seventy-four percent stated that the Town should protect its natural resources (i.e., wetlands, watersheds and waterbodies).  Regarding future open space investments respondents gave the following the highest priority: walking and hiking trails (58%), bike trials (47%), and a Town-owned youth recreation center (45%), a new High School track (45%) and a Dog Park (45%).


Those wishing to participate in this important forum are asked to notify the Office of Planning and Community Development at 786-0400, extension 8738 or at planning@agawam.ma.us. Pizza and beverages will be served.