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4/1/2014 - Curves Runway for Relay Fashion Show at the Oak Ridge Country Club

For the month of April, the Agawam Public Library will be displaying on the upper and lower levels of the library The Peace Dove collection of Stephen Lewis.

Historically, posters were used by leaders or movements to educate and win support of people who were perhaps illiterate. Some of these posters represent powerful expressions by various poster artists. Others represent the viewpoint of state and political groups motivated by ideology.

After World War II, Pablo Picasso was responsible for the decisive use of the dove of peace. His lithograph, designed for the International Peace Congress in Paris 1949, features the white ancestor of a new family of doves. Since then, graphic artists have produced a series of doves of peace in different shapes.

The audience will have a chance to see how different artists from different countries and cultures have utilized the symbol of the dove. While the styles and themes are very diverse, they also show the breadth of the desire of people from around the world to live in peace.  1986 was designated as a year of peace by the United Nations. Many groups created posters to recognize that designation. Some of those posters featured the dove as the symbol of peace and are included here.

The posters are from a collection of more than 4500 of Stephen Lewis. He is a long-time activist in the labor movement and the former Treasurer of his union. Stephen has exhibited at a number of public libraries in Massachusetts and two of the State Heritage parks. He has presented at the annual conference of the National Council on Public History, and on some cable television programs. He may be reached by email at lewisposters@gmail.com or at Facebook under labor/progressive political posters. The posters/photos were contributed by friends, collected at conferences, visits to some of the organizations, and from connections made through the Internet.

Contact:  Joanne G. Szelag, Adult Services Librarian, (413)-789-1550 x8851, jszelag@agawamlibrary.org