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9/1/2014 - Agawam Public Library Art Exhibit for the month of September

For the month of September, the library will be showcasing the artwork of the students of artist and instructor Alexandra Walters, who maintains the Serendipity Art Studio at the Indian Orchard Mills.  They range in age from eight to eighty years old, with all levels of experience, from beginner, to professional artists, and fellow teachers.  These students have studied with Alexandra for different lengths of time, from months to as much as six years.


Most of the work completed in group classes is created with colored pencils, while students taking private lessons have learned to work in graphite pencils, charcoal, pen and ink, colored pencils, soft pastels, oil pastels, watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, and acrylic paints.  The artwork styles range all the way from representational realism to expressive abstracts. Group classes are conducted at the Indian Orchard Mills studio, as well as locations in Connecticut.


Nearly all the subjects which the students draw or paint are the choice of the individual.  However, part of this exhibit includes several pieces which were all created from the same image in the Connecticut class.  As a group, they chose a picture, and then each student completed a drawing from all or part of this photo.   The resulting grouping of artwork is a fascinating example of the fact that no two artists “see” in the same way; everyone interprets the world uniquely.  Some struggled with the project, but all were enriched by watching how the others responded to the image and created their artwork.


Alexandra says:   “I am very fortunate that these wonderful artists have allowed me to participate in their artistic growth.  We share a common bond, a love of and learning—I am always learning from them as much as they learn from me.  Each person has special gifts and brings something different to the studio.  I wanted to have this show to honor their efforts and to share this beautiful collection of their diverse and joyous artwork.  It is a celebration of what art can do to enrich and transform our lives.  I thank every one of my very dear students for the honor they bestow upon me to, to be included in their artistic journey. “


There will be a reception with the students and their instructor Alexandra Walters on Wednesday, September 3, 2014,

6-8 p.m. in the Peirce Conference Room.  All are welcome to attend.  No sign-up is necessary.


Contact:  Joanne Szelag, Adult Services Librarian, (413)-789-1550 x8851, jszelag@agawamlibrary.org