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7/1/2012 - Agawam Health Department Launching Safe Needle Disposal Program

Effective July 2012, home sharps, as well as unopened packages of hypodermic needles and lancets, shall not be disposed of in solid municipal waste, including household waste, and shall be collected and disposed of in accordance with 105 CMR 480.125 B

The Agawam Health Department would like to remind all residents that they are not allowed to dispose of their unopened, or used syringes, needles and lancets in the household trash; regardless if it is confined to a puncture proof container or not.

This in mind, the Agawam Health Department is pleased to offer a safe alternative for disposing of your used needles and syringes. Residents can now purchase a 2 quart container for $8.00 which includes the cost of the container and disposal when you return the filled container to the Agawam Health Department.

If you cannot afford to purchase a medical sharps container, a heavy duty 1 gallon puncture proof liquid laundry detergent bottle with a screw on cap may be substituted. A $15.00 disposal fee will be charged when you bring it to the Health Department for disposal. Call 786-0400 ext.8207 for more information or to obtain your sharps container.

Remember DO NOT dispose of used needles, syringes, lancets, epipens, or any auto injectors in your household trash or recycle bins.

Help us keep our waste system free of used sharps and prevent illegal disposal into the environment.