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10/24/2006 - Help Us to Help You!

Help Us to Help You!

After a heavy rain, many of the catch basins in our town may be covered with leaves, dirt, and debris.  Once these catch basins are covered, they are ineffective in diverting storm water from the road.  This could potentially cause flooding.  In problematic areas, our Public Works Department does monitor storm drains, inlets and culverts prior to a heavy rainfall.  You can help us and protect yourself by clearing away any debris surrounding all catch basins near your property.  Be sure to remove the debris away from the inlet so that it doesn't wash back later.

With the onset of fall yard waste clean ups, remember not to sweep or rake leaves, grass clippings etc. on the roadway where they can wash into the catch basins.  Do not push leaves down into the storm drains, this is an illicit discharge and can cause future flooding during the winter months.