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4/20/2016 - Agawam Housing Needs Assessment presentation

The Agawam Housing Needs Assessment is a report of the Town of Agawam Planning & Community Development Department. The goal of the Planning & Community Development Department is to assist in the overall growth of the community in an orderly and managed approach to promote economic development while preserving community character and natural resources. The Planning & Community Development Department oversees the preparation of comprehensive plans and studies which guide growth while balancing community needs and resources.


In July 2015, the Town of Agawam issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for professional services to prepare a Housing Needs Assessment for the Town of Agawam. The Town selected planning consultant JM Goldson community preservation + planning with RKG Associates, Inc. and Pioneer Valley Planning Commission to prepare the housing needs assessment under the guidance of the Planning & Community Development Department and Housing Committee.


The 2015 Agawam Housing Needs Assessment is intended to assist the Town in understanding current and future housing needs and will lay the groundwork for the Town to prepare.

To view the recent presentation of the Agawam Housing Needs Assessment please click here

This file is a PDF.