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The Town of Agawam is fortunate to be provided with our water supply from the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission (SW&SC).

       The drinking water originates from a surface water supply, the Cobble Mountain Reservoir, located in Western Massachusetts.  The Borden Brook Reservoir, a smaller surface water supply that feeds into the Cobble Mountain Reservoir and contributes to the system’s combined water supply capacity of 25 billion gallons.   

 From the reservoirs, the water flows to a treatment plant in Westfield where it is filtered, treated to prevent corrosion of plumbing, and disinfected; no fluoride is added. A critical component of the treatment process is disinfection to prevent water borne disease. This is accomplished at the water treatment plant owned and operated by the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission (SW&SC). Disinfection is achieved by adding chlorine to the water supply and is required by State and Federal Drinking Water Regulations.

 The SW&SC recently changed its standard operating procedure with the way the water is treated by increasing the chorine dosage to maintain chlorine residual in the water distribution system. As chlorine travels through the water distribution system, it reacts and is dissipated the farther away from the source the water travels through the pipes.

 Residents may notice a slight odor of chlorine in the water as a result of this change. A simple process to minimize this effect is to fill a container with water, refrigerate it and shake the container to add air to the water. This will effectively eliminate the odor.

 The water then flows to storage tanks on Provin Mountain and then through large transmission mains running through Agawam into Springfield. The Town of Agawam has a number of connections to these transmission mains and operates our own system for the distribution of water within the community.  This system is comprised of approximately 150 miles of pipe ranging in diameter from 4” to 24”, and 11,180 service accounts. 

 For more information on the water quality in the Town of Agawam, log on to our website at www.agawam.ma.us and read our Consumer Confidence Report located under the Water Department.


Any additional questions can be answered by contacting Christopher Golba, DPW Superintendent @ 413-821-0600.