Let’s Move Agawam’s Top 5 Healthy Tips

  1. The Agawam YMCA Wellness and Program Center is open. Stop in and join the fun!
  2. Center your next celebration on physical activities. Try a skating party or bowling.
  3. In addition to health benefits physical activity can help you look good, get around better and feel better about yourself.
  4. Need an afternoon snack? Keep an apple or pear on hand, it will satisfy you with its crunch and you’ll get extra fiber to keep you going until dinner.
  5. Get kids in the kitchen, take them to a farmers market or grocery store and have them pick out veggies.Let them wash, peel, and slice it and help choose how to cook and flavor it.

About Let's Move

Let’s Move is an initiative, launched by first lady Michelle Obama, who is giving a voice to the epidemic of childhood obesity. The numbers are alarming - 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese; many others will face chronic obesity- related health problems. This initiative encourages healthy eating and maintaining an active lifestyle for children, parents, and caregivers that would last a lifetime.