Duties & Responsibilities

  • The Auditing office processes payments, payroll and prepares all the financial reports for the Town of Agawam.
  • The Town Auditor is responsible for auditing and reconciliation of books and accounts, approval and payment of bills, auditing of cash balances of all departments and preparation of required financial reports for Town and Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • The Town Auditor monitors the budget and notifies department heads if expenditures exceed appropriations.
  • The Auditor provides monthly written statements to the mayor, treasurer, department supervisors and the town council that show appropriations, expenditures and unexpended balances.
  • The Auditor accounts for the receipt and disbursement of cash transactions.
  • The City Auditor prepares City of Agawam's annual report, which includes a:
    • Accounts receivable reconciliation
    • Balance sheet
    • Budget analysis
    • Cash flow statement
    • Debt schedule
    • Other miscellaneous schedules