Curbside Collection Regulations


Understanding the Automated Collection Process

Automated collection has proven to be very effective in helping reduce the amount of litter found in streets, reducing trash disposal costs, increasing recycling and making collection more efficient. Each eligible household has received one 65-gallon cart for trash and one 95-gallon cart for recycling. Two, three and four family properties will receive one set of carts for each living unit.

Owners of these properties are responsible for proper placement and removal of carts on collection days. Owners must ensure that carts remain with the property upon tenant departure.

Collection Schedule & Procedure

Trash will continue to be collected weekly, recycling every other week. We ask that you continue to bag your trash prior to placing it in the 65-gallon cart. Bagged trash keeps the cart clean, and reduces the risk of garbage and debris from being blown away during the collection process. Trash cart covers must be closed to be collected.

Any trash in excess of the 65-gallon cart will require the use of a green Town of Agawam official overflow bag.

Overflow Bags - Extra Trash

We anticipate that the 65-gallon trash carts will hold 4 to 6 kitchen garbage bags per week. If a home owner donates reusable items and recycles, it has been shown that this cart size is sufficient for most families. Any trash in excess of the 65-gallon cart will require a town official overflow bag. Town official green overflow bags are for household trash only (no recyclable materials, hazardous waste, yard waste, electronics, or construction debris permitted).

Bags will be sold in rolls of 5 for $15 (tax exempt). It is expected that the price of the bag will cover the cost of manufacturing the bag, collection, and disposal. It is not the intention of the town or retail stores to make a profit on bag sales.

Overflow bags will be available for sale at the following locations:
  • Big Y, West Springfield
  • Big Y, Westfield
  • Geissler's, Agawam
  • Rocky's Hardware, Agawam
  • Stop and Shop, Feeding Hills

Placement of Trash & Recycling Carts

Automated trash collection requires that residents understand where they are expected to place their carts for collection. Carts should be placed curbside with the arrows on the lid of the cart pointing toward the street; handles and wheels facing your house.

Place carts no more than 2 feet from the street, 2 feet between each other and 4 feet from all parked cars and permanent structures.
  • Carts should not be placed in the street or on the tree belt before 7 p.m. the evening before your scheduled collection day.
  • Carts should be removed from the tree belt by 7 p.m. of the collection day.
  • In the event of a snow storm, residents are encouraged to wait until the morning of their collection day to roll carts to the tree belt and remove them as soon as possible. Do not leave carts on the tree belt or overnight during a stow storm.
The town is not responsible for any damage to carts left out before or after these times.