Emergency Management

Duties & Responsibilities

Agawam Emergency Management (AEM) consists of a Director, Deputy Director and a staff of dedicated volunteers. We work with other departments such and Police, Fire, DPW, Health Department and the School Department in emergency planning.
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Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated during emergencies by our staff and is equipped so we can be operational for hours at a time. We also work off site doing tasks such as helping to set up shelters with cots and blankets. The EOC has its own weather station located at the EOC for real time local weather information.


Agawam is one of the few Emergency Management Agencies in the area that has its own digital radio frequency. All members are issued portable radios and monitor when available.  Our EOC has radio communications with police, fire, DPW, school department and MEMA.  Emergency Management also has a former ambulance that has been converted into a mobile communications vehicle. 

HAM Radio

AEM has a dedicated group of HAM radio operators that are part of the radio amateur civil emergency service (RACES) that meet regularly.


Part of the AEM mission is to alert residents of pending emergencies and other important information by the use of CodeRed and Facebook.

Emergency Hot Line

The town Emergency Hot Line 413-726-9750 is set up to be used to pass information along during emergencies to residents who can not access the Internet.