The Agawam Water Department is responsible for distributing drinking water for the Town of Agawam. The Agawam Water Department purchases our drinking water from the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission.

Water/Sewer Bills

A complaint regarding water usage generates a check of the meter reading, a review of the customer's property for plumbing leaks, removal of meter and testing for accuracy. Abatements are not granted unless test results indicate a problem with the meter.

Meters are allowed to have a 2% accuracy range by Mass General Law. We generally find that meters read low with age and record less water than actually passes through them.

Water Service Renewals & Meter Valve Replacements

The customer is responsible for the cost of the replacement of the valve at the meter and the replacement of his water service from the main to the house. Service line replacement is rare and usually only occurs where old galvanized iron pipes were originally used, aggressive soil conditions, or electrochemical corrosion. Property owners are responsible for the replacement and repair of their service line after shut off at the property line known as the "curb stop."

The Agawam Water Department offers a renewal service for these lines and the cost is at $28 per foot (current as of September 1, 2014 and subject to change) for 3/4-inch service lines, please call 413-821-0600 for more information.

Water Rate Information

The Agawam Water Department currently bills for water use semiannually. Each bill includes a $35 service charge. (Rates are current as of October 1, 2014 and are subject to change.)

Water/Sewer Real Estate Sales Finals

When a property is sold, the closing attorney shall call the Water Department at 413-821-0600, a minimum five working days before the anticipated closing date so we can read the meter(s) at the property.  The water/sewer final calculation will be available two days before the given closing date.

Please have contact information available for someone with physical access to the property in case we have to enter to get the reading or change the meter.

There is a $25.00 charge for each final calculation per property; this is added to the account and included in the final calculation's total. (Rates are current as of April 3, 2017 and are subject to change.)

Use Type
0-4,000 Cubic Feet (CF) Fee
Additional Use in Excess of 4,000 CF Fee
 $2.38/Hundred Cubic Feet (HCF)
1 Cubic Foot equals 7.48 Gallons

Water Documents