Irrigation Policy & Procedure

  1. Complete the Water Service Connection / Water Meter Application (PDF). Pay for a 3/4 inch irrigation meter and a tee and valve at the Water Department, located at 1000 Suffield Street. A tee and valve must be installed to separate the house meter from the irrigation meter. Only checks (made payable to "Town of Agawam" are accepted). The total charges are as follows:
    1. 3/4 Inch Meter: $480.00
    2. Tee and Valve: $215.00
    3. Total: $695.00
  2. Your licensed plumber must obtain a plumbing permit ($55 fee) at Inspections Services, located at 1000 Suffield Street.
  3. Complete two forms. The first form, Lawn Irrigation System - Rules and Regulations, regarding the backflow device, should be signed by the homeowner and your licensed plumber. The second form, Water Service Connection / Water Meter Application (PDF) should be completed by the homeowner. Please return both to the Water Department.
  4. Call the Water Department at 413-821-0600 for an appointment to install the irrigation meter, once the meter is paid for and the permit is issued,
  5. Have the plumber complete the water piping and install the backflow preventer. Backflow prevention devices must be installed then inspected by the plumbing inspector.
  6. Call the plumbing inspector at 413-821-0632 for an inspection, once your plumber and lawn sprinkler company has completed the necessary work.
Note: Please be advised the Water Division may increase the billing frequency from the current two time a year.  This more frequent schedule will alter our method of setting allowances for outside water use which may well impact your pay back of a second meter and irrigation investment.

Prices are current as of July 1, 2022, and are subject to change.