Outside Fires

No burning of brush or yard waste is permitted other than during burning season. Outside cooking fires are allowed without a permit at any time but must comply with M.G.L. chapter 48 section 13. This means:
  • The outside fire can not be in a hazardous area and must be contained in a non-flammable enclosure, permanent barbeque or outdoor fireplace.
  • Fires must utilize natural wood for fuel. Burning of trash, rubbish, combustible waste or construction debris is prohibited!
  • The fire must be at least 25 feet from any structure or items that may cause fire spread.
  • Fires must be attended at all times by someone who is 18 years old or older until completely extinguished.
  • A garden hose with water supply or other extinguishing equipment must be readily available for use.

Ordered Extinguished

Fires may be ordered extinguished if fire danger conditions are "High" or "Extreme" (dry and / or windy conditions). Fires may also be extinguished if smoke is excessive and creating a health hazard or environmental nuisance. The Fire Department has the authority to extinguish fires that are excessive in size or otherwise determined to be unsafe.


Violation of these regulations will result in extinguishment of the fire. An Unauthorized Burning report will be filed. Repeat offenders will be subject to fines as defined in M.G.L. 148 and may be prohibited from igniting future outside fires.