The AFD Wants YOU!

AFD Patch White

The Agawam Fire Department is looking for full time 
EMT's and Paramedics to join our team!

  Join a progressive fire department that enjoys the respect and appreciation of the
community it strives to serve.

Salary and Benefits:

- Firefighter EMT’s start at $66,590 to $72,700 annually* without overtime. Top step: $76,670 to $82,803* in 2 years. We provide FREE Paramedic Training to EMT's after hiringꝋ.

- Firefighter Paramedics start at $68,878 to $74,988 annually* without overtime. Top step: $79,336 to $85,446* in 2 years. 15 and 20 year Seniority Steps earn $87,344* or more!

- All personnel are eligible for ambulance transport bonuses, recertification bonuses, longevity bonuses, holiday pay, regional response team opportunities, 70% employer health insurance contribution, 50% employer dental insurance contribution, enrollment in the county pension system and more. Our equipment and apparatus are maintained by an in house, full time, Emergency Vehicle Technician and replaced regularly.

How to apply:

Agawam is a Civil Service Fire Department that hires personnel from the Statewide Firefighters Eligibility List. You must be at least 19 years old as of last date to apply for the exam. More information about the exam and how to become a Massachusetts Firefighter can be found here:

- If you are an EMT or Paramedic that has already taken the Civil Service Firefighters Exam, you can change your employment location choices in your account profile to include Agawam. This will ensure that you are listed as a candidate for employment.

- If you are an EMT or Paramedic that has not yet taken the Civil Service Firefighters Exam, you can sign up on their website. When the eligibility list is established, you will be notified of AFD vacancies.

- If you are not yet certified as a Massachusetts EMT or Paramedic, you can find an EMT course and start training to be one of Agawam's bravest! Once your EMT training is complete, you can sign up for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Certification Exam and obtain your Massachusetts EMT Certification.

New Employee Orientation and Training:

- Newly hired EMT's and Paramedics receive orientation and training then get right to work helping the public. You'll attend the Massachusetts Career Firefighting Academy and be Pro Board certified as a Firefighter I / II. EMT's will attend a Massachusetts Accredited Paramedic Program to obtain certification. AFD pays for all expensesꝋ associated with Firefighter and Paramedic training programs and provides leave from scheduled duty to attend this training.

What's the Work Schedule?

Agawam Firefighters work a 24 hour rotating schedule. 24 hours on shift, 24 hours off shift, 24 hours on shift, then 5 days off. This schedule equates to approximately 8 working days (24 hour shifts) a month.

What are Regional Response Teams?

Agawam Firefighters have the opportunity to join regional special operations teams including the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services Hazardous Materials Response Team, The Western Massachusetts Technical Rescue Team, and The Western Massachusetts Regional Dive Team. 

In addition to the regional response teams, firefighters also have the opportunity to serve in the Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) program and Senior S.A.F.E. community outreach programs.

About the Agawam Fire Department:

The Agawam Fire Department is a Civil Service Career Fire Department that provides fire suppression, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at the Paramedic level, and rescue services. The department also maintains fire prevention programs, code enforcement and fire education programs.

Fire Stations and Equipment:

We operate two fire stations 24 hours a day with a minimum of eleven personnel staffing two engines, two ambulances, and a tower ladder. The department also cross staffs a medium duty rescue, a third ambulance, and a rescue boat. From wildland firefighting gear to body armor, our firefighters are equipped with the highest quality personal protective equipment available. Our apparatus are replaced regularly to maintain reliability and to ensure the most modern technology is available to support our mission.


When fully staffed, the department employs 48 full time firefighters and 8 Lieutenants. The department also employs a full time EMS Director, Fire Inspector, Training Officer, Fleet Mechanic, Deputy Chief and Chief.


The department responds to approximately 1,200 fire related incidents annually ranging from structure fires and natural disasters to calls for public assistance. The department also responds to an additional 5,000 EMS incidents a year.

Agawam Fire Department Mission:

The mission of the Agawam Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Agawam from fires, natural and man made disasters, and hazardous material incidents; to save lives by providing advanced life support medical services; to prevent fires through prevention, education, and intervention programs; and to provide a work environment that values cultural diversity and is free of harassment and discrimination.

Looking for More Information:

Email us at 

*Dependent on education and number of EMS transports per year
ꝋ Successful certification required to receive Paramedic training for free. Obtaining Paramedic certification is a condition of employment

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