Citizen Stormwater Advisory Task Force

The purpose of the Stormwater Task Force was to explore the stormwater management program for the Town of Agawam and identify its major needs, priorities, and costs.  The costs for the stormwater program are going to increase in the next few years to address known problems, aging infrastructure, and increases in the U.S. EPA NPDES MS4 Permit requirements to develop a more comprehensive stormwater management program.

Currently, stormwater costs are funded through the general fund (taxes).  Another approach is to fund stormwater related expenses by treating the stormwater system like a utility (such as a water or sewer utility) with a dedicated enterprise fund  and revenue from user fees. The current study “Town of Agawam Stormwater System Assessment and Utility/Fee Planning Project” is intended to explore this funding approach through a series of meetings with the Task Force.

At the bottom of the page are materials and summaries from the regular Task Force meetings.  Meetings were held in 2017 and 2018.  The purpose of these meetings was to present the stormwater program's needs to the community and listen to their comments and suggestions.  All task force meetings have concluded, the report with recommendations is can be found here: Project Final Report: Feasibility of a Stormwater Utility of Agawam

A presentation was made after the regular City Council meeting on September 17, 2018, at the Doering Middle School.

Video of the 9/17/18 Presentation to the City Council by Rich Niles of Wood PLC

Project Final Report: Feasibility of a Stormwater Utility of Agawam

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Members of the Stormwater Advisory Task Force are:

  • Christopher Golba - DPW Superintendent
  • Christopher Johnson - City Council
  • Dave Jenks - Six Flags New England Facilities Manager
  • Henry Kosloski - Conservation Commission
  • Herbert Holl - Resident
  • James Cichetti - City Council
  • Mario Tedeschi - Allied Flooring and Paint
  • Michelle Chase - Town Engineer
  • Reverend Rob Donaldson - Feeding Hills Congregational Church
  • Robert Rossi - City Council
  • Susan Dawson - Former Mayor

Agawam Stormwater System - Information Reporting Map

Reporting Map



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Task Force Meeting Materials and Summaries

Press Release - June 15, 2017

Press Release - September 27, 2017