Ongoing Projects

In 2020 the Water Department replaced water mains on the following streets: Sunset Terrace, Briarcliff Dr., Hamar Dr., & Hamilton Circle.

For the 2021 construction season, the Water Department is planning to replace the water main for the following streets: Remainder of Hamilton Circle, Memorial Drive, DePalma Street, Phil Street, & Memorial Park.  (Please Note: projects are subject to change)

 The meter crew installed or changed 250+ meters, collected more than 400 water samples, and performed 575+ backflow preventer tests. We read most water meters by radio or from the outside of the building.  

Occasionally, we may need to access your property to check the water meter.  Our staff will have a DPW photo ID, and will arrive in a DPW vehicle; if you have any doubt that someone is a DPW employee please do not let them into your property, lock your door, and call the Police.

The Hydrant Maintenance Crew has been created and has been busy inspecting and maintaining the 1500+ publicly owned fire hydrants around town. We strive to inspect  publicly owned hydrants once per year and are in the process of increasing the inspection frequency to the AWWA recommended two times per year.  If you have a private fire hydrant on your property, you should contract with a company that is experienced with hydrant maintenance and have your hydrants inspected on at least an annual basis or as required by your insurer. The hydrant crew inspects a hydrant checking the mechanical components greasing  & lubricating as needed and, cycle & flush the hydrant to ensure operation.  The nozzle caps are greased to ensure easy removal in case the hydrant is pressed into service.  When the hydrants are flushed you may notice discolored water, this is rust and sediment that is suspended when the water velocity increases in the pipe while flushing.  Please run your cold water for a few minutes to clear the discolored water; if after a few minutes the water does not clear please notify the DPW.